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You really have something to choose from. 18 rental apartments, 10 of which are different.
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Specificaties 18 rental
Specificaties High-Quality
Specificaties Luxury kitchen
Modern bathroom
Specificaties Parking on
private property
Specificaties Rental prices from
€ 895,- tot € 1.195,-

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If you are interested in an apartment in Blikveld you can make your choice here. You can register for a certain type of apartment. As soon as we receive your interest in that apartment, we will contact you.

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You can make your choice with the help of the image above. When you move the cursor over an apartment, you will see the house number, type number and area of the apartment appear.
By clicking on a particular apartment, you will see additional information such as the rental price, floor plan and specifications. If you want to be considered for your chosen apartment, you can register via the registration button.

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Red apartments have been rented out and are no longer available for a viewing.

Blue apartments are available as an option.

You can still see the information, but you are free to indicate your choice for this apartment only when the option expires and the apartment turns green again.

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Living on the former Brabantia site.

With the help of the rental calculator you can check whether you are eligible for an apartment in Blikveld. Fill in your gross monthly salary and that of your partner, if applicable, (excluding holiday pay and allowances). The amount determined by the rent calculator is the maximum amount for which you can rent at (excluding service costs). The rental prices of the apartments in Blikveld lie between € 895 and € 1,195. In a deviating situation we will be happy to help you make a suitable calculation. No rights can be derived from these calculations and rental is always subject to the lessor's approval.


Blikveld layer by layer.

The apartment complex consists of four floors. The apartments on the ground floor have a terrace and on the first and second floor the apartments have a balcony. On the third floor two apartments even have a spacious roof terrace. You can take the stairs or elevator to the first, second or third floor in the complex. Each apartment has a storage room (outside) and a parking space. Do you have an electric car? No problem, there is a charging station where two cars can refuel at the same time.

Take a look at the online brochure of Blikveld as well!

Blikveld Aalst brochure

An extensive and clear brochure has been made of the new construction project of Stienstra at the Blikslagerij in Aalst with a lot of information about the Blikveld apartments and surroundings. You can view and share this brochure online.

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